Kohl Pro Palette Concealer
Kohl Pallette Concealer 150x150 TRIED & TESTED TUESDAY
This is an all year round concealer, three colours in the one container…a light neutral, a warm amber and a pale yellow.
They are all beautifully light with a gel texture, so you can layer up if needed.
The light neutral concealer is perfect for winter months, when your skin is typically paler. The warm amber concealer is for summer months, when hopefuly we all have a little more of a tan. The pale yellow concealer is perfect all year round. It is ideal for eliminating any redness, such as Rosacea, sunburn, broken veins/capillaries, and even a little red nose in the winter.
I deduct two points because, one I’m always left with some of the pale yellow and it feels a waste to throw it away. The second is that there is not a wider range of color pallette’s. There is only one available.
I give this a 8/10.
Product available in Brown Sugar, 50 south William St., Dublin 2.